14 Wintertime Date Ideas

December 20, 2017

Feeling the cold and dreariness of the season?  Here are 14 sweet date ideas to help add some warmth back into these winter months.

  1. Head out on a hike to see a frozen waterfall (bonus points if you find ice caves instead).
  2. Go on a hot chocolate tasting. Visit four or five cafés, splitting a small cup at each. If you’d like, share your adventures (and favorite hot chocolate winner!) on an Instagram story.
  3. Choose a favorite movie series and start a marathon.
  4. In preparation for that marathon, spend some time in the kitchen together and make a few batches of flavored popcorn. Get creative and check out these 50 Flavored Popcorn recipes for inspiration.
  5. Traditional winter activities are even more fun when you do them together. Bundle up and go sledding!
  6. Get really dressed up and head to the Opera. In the middle of Cabin Fever season, dressing up to the nines for a night out is the perfect cure.
  7. Find an antique mall and go antiquing.
  8. Make lip-sync covers of your favorite songs. Be sure to record and save them for future embarrassment! Alternative: challenge your significant other to a lip-sync battle.
  9. Rent snowmobiles (or cross-country skis, if that’s more you style) and embark on an outdoor adventure.
  10. If you haven’t yet, do an escape room challenge.
  11. Go to a hockey game together. Or, if you prefer ice skating, hit the ice at a local rink.
  12. Spend an afternoon making homemade saltwater taffy.
  13. Get up early enough to head to a local bakery as soon as it opens. You’ll thank me when you’re sharing the warmest, freshest pastry you’ve ever had.
  14. Cuddle up, fulfill your childhood Belle dreams, and read a book together.