Hi lovely! I'm Hailey— a spirited twenty-something who took "hopeless romantic" to a whole new level and turned her life into a constant, Hollywood-has-nothing-on-THIS reel of witnessing the purest, truest of love stories. There isn't a second of time I don't adore this work I get to do. This work of bringing love and light back into focus in the world through art; of making memories tangible, painted with sunlight, for generations to have and to hold.


Hailey Amber

Lazy afternoons spent in art museums. $5.00 days at the movies. The thunder and mist of waterfalls, and people-watching from café windows. Fresh sketchbooks. The skylines of Chicago & NYC. Proposals. Reflections on clear water, and fog horns as the sun comes up. Stopping to read the historic marker signs. The rush that comes from breathing the air of new places. The sea, the islands, the windswept hair, the road-trips, the jet engines. The heartbeat of a new city. Monet and Renoir. Français.

Also, Tacos. The very American kind.

I Live For

I am a fine art photographer who chases the sun and adores the timeless aesthetic of film. I spent my time holding brushes and studying the work of impressionists and watercolorists long before I ever picked up a camera, and I like my work to continue to be inspired by paintings; soft, dreamy, filled with light, and romantic in feel and color.

What I do


for those who don't need sleep to dream.

I'm a country-raised girl who now can't get enough of the city. When I'm at home, I most frequently am capturing love stories for the sweetest couples in Chicago, Milwaukee, & South Central WI. 

As you can probably tell by now, traveling is my favorite way to live life, and I will wholeheartedly follow your love story wherever it takes you overseas. I currently am available for 2019 & 2020 weddings and anniversaries in France, Italy, and the U.K.

Where I go