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1. Ensure the dress is stored well. Stuff white (never colored, acid-free) tissue paper in the sleeves, purchase a thick, heavy-duty, waterproof garment bag, and always be mindful of keeping liquids far away from your dress.   2. Call the airline. Each circumstance is unique, so the best way to be clear on the rules […]

How to Protect Your Wedding Dress When Traveling by Air

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Feeling the cold and dreariness of the season?  Here are 14 sweet date ideas to help add some warmth back into these winter months. Head out on a hike to see a frozen waterfall (bonus points if you find ice caves instead). Go on a hot chocolate tasting. Visit four or five cafés, splitting a […]

14 Wintertime Date Ideas

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“My fiancé and I are halfway through planning a large wedding, and it just doesn’t feel like us.”   “I feel like I’m planning a family reunion rather than a celebration of my marriage. Seating charts and rehearsal dinners and plus-ones are wearing on me. I don’t even feel excited anymore. I’m tired. Why is this […]

Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Elope

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As a bride, finding an amazing florist to create your wedding day vision is very, very important to you. As a Wisconsin bride, you don’t have to look very far. Madison Wedding Flowers, one of the premiere wedding vendors in the south-central area, has become known for Renee Spicer’s incredible artistry and expertise. I’m so […]

Vendor Highlight: Madison Wedding Flowers