John & Melissa | Couple’s Session at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

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She was late. It was their very first date, and she was late. 

Anyone who has spent any time in Downtown Madison can tell you– finding a place to park can either be the easiest thing in the world…

or your worst nightmare of driving around and around and around the square, fighting one-way streets and “Lot Full” signs.

On that day, it was the latter. She was a newcomer to the Capitol, and her three short weeks of experience weren’t helping her feel less disoriented. (Or less rushed.) To top it all off, they were meeting at the Art Fair on the Square, and there were quite a few of those “Lot Full” signs costing her time.

After finding a random parking space down a random road on a completely random side of the square, she ran, ran, to their designated meeting place.

And when their eyes met, she knew that none of that mattered.

Being late didn’t matter. Missing the empty parking garage across the street didn’t matter. And afterwards, as they were preparing to leave, realizing she didn’t have a clue where she parked in her rush didn’t matter.

“I’ll walk with you,” he offered.



John and Melissa chose the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art as the location for their couple’s session, and I don’t think there could be a more perfect backdrop for their love story. These two took my breath away. Oh, and that dress!


John & Melissa on the Staircase in the Madison Contemporary Art Museum

John & Melissa at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Black & White of Melissa in Madison

John & Melissa on the Staircase at the Madison Museum

John's Portrait at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Black and White Image of John & Melissa

John & Melissa embrace in the Madison Museum

Melissa in Madison

John & Melissa's Couple's Session

John & Melissa's Couple's Session in Madison, WI

Couple's Session at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


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