Vendor Highlight: Madison Wedding Flowers

As a bride, finding an amazing florist to create your wedding day vision is very, very important to you. As a Wisconsin bride, you don’t have to look very far.

Madison Wedding Flowers, one of the premiere wedding vendors in the south-central area, has become known for Renee Spicer’s incredible artistry and expertise. I’m so thrilled to have her with us today to answer a few questions about the heart behind her work. You’re about to love her!

Dive in below with our quick Q&A, and if you have any unanswered questions, or would like to get to know this wonderful lady in person, check out her website, Instagram, and Facebook Page.


First of all, congratulations are definitely in order, because the upcoming 2018 wedding season marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Madison Wedding Flowers! Can you tell us where it began, how you discovered your passion, and how Madison Wedding Flowers came to be?

Thank You!

I have always loved flowers but did not think of it as a career until I started working at a floral shop in La Crosse, WI in 2002. Before that, studied Graphic Design in College, but did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do. After working at La Crosse Floral, I knew that I really liked the floral shop setting.

I then worked at a floral shop in Marshfield, WI and then finally settled in Madison.  It was then in 2008 that I felt that my experience working under other designers had taught me enough to pursue a career in the floral industry. It was then that I started Madison Wedding Flowers.

Dahlia Bouquet by Madison Wedding Flowers

What sets Madison Wedding Flowers apart from other florists? We all know you’re one of the very best in the area, so what has brought you to this point?

Madison Wedding Flowers is different in that it focuses primarily on weddings and is not a full service floral shop.   We take on a limited number of weddings each year so that we can give our best attention to each couple.  I work with couples from beginning to end and do my best to offer quick responses and communication.

I have always wanted to do what is convenient for the couple, whether it is having a phone consult after normal business hours or meeting at a coffee shop location that is convenient for them.

With Madison Wedding Flowers, I have tried to think out of the box and put myself in my clients shoes to think, what would I want from a florist if I was getting married? This has helped me build a successful small business.


When you meet brides for the first time, what are some of their most-asked questions?

Pricing and Flower Availability! Every bride wants to know how much their vision costs and budget is a good starting point. To help prep for a first time consultation, we have couples fill out our Questionnaire so that we can get a good idea of their vision, likes and dislikes as well as date, venue, etc. I can then walk into the consult with images and advice at the beginning.


On the flip side, what is one question you always ask a couple when meeting with them to discuss their day?

Do they have a favorite “must have” flower or vision for the bridal bouquet in particular.

Madison Wedding Flowers Bouquet

You have created one of those amazing companies that believes in giving back. Would you mind sharing what brings Stop Soldier Suicide, World Vision, and 8 Miles for Water close to your heart as causes you support?

8 Miles for Water was started by a family friend, and is partnered with World Vision.  We love both organizations that help those less fortunate in other countries.  It is very eye opening to see and read about how little so many have.

Stop Soldier Suicide supports a cause very close to my heart.  My husband Seth is an Army Veteran, and we both have had friends and/or close friends that we know lose a loved one to suicide.  Stop Soldier Suicide is also a great resource and support system. I have been extremely impressed by this organization and their steady follow up and encouragement.


If you could give couples only one piece of advice for their wedding, what would it be?

Don’t stress! Trust your florist and know that everything will come together in the end.  If your favorite coral charm peony is not in season, know that there is another pretty bloom that will look nice too!

(p.s. I really wanted white ranunculus and it was off crop when I got married! So instead, I got a fluffy white garden rose.)


Do you have any future plans or dreams for Madison Wedding Flowers that you can share with us?

Our dream is to grow more flowers behind our studio and continue to use as many locally grown flowers as possible. We would like to expand our small peony patch and grow some more unique flower that we cannot get easily sourced globally.

Wedding Bouquet by Madison Wedding Flowers


Hailey Amber is a fine art film wedding photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. She loves nothing more than to capture weddings, anniversaries, and engagements for hopelessly-in-love couples with bold dreams and hearts for adventure. You can find her chasing light at home in the Midwest (usually in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago) and in destinations abroad.